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TBSP | PLAYER 1 | Darling by Miss-Bow TBSP | PLAYER 1 | Darling by Miss-Bow
More personal art stuff sorry. Application for :icont-b-s-p:
Haven't applied for a group in a while. Wish me luck. ;u;

So, uh. Meet Darling the jackalope lamb! She's my fursona, which is kind of a mesh of my two personas Cheri Lapin (the bunny) and Lurie Dity (the black sheep).
As you can see, she is mostly Cheri hahaha. I hope you like her. *U*

Cheri/Darling (c) me


Alias Darling
Gender Female
Spawn point Caged Jungle
dB 0

Physical appearance 
Cheri's a rather small creature, a cross between a white jackalope and black sheep. Her fur is always covered in tiny pink roses. She prides herself on her cuddly appearance. It seems her black eyes are constantly a swirl of uncoordinated lines. On the plus side, it's not difficult to tell how she's feeling.

Cheri has a sweet, high-pitched melodic voice. When she speaks, it sounds like she's constantly on the verge of singing. And sometimes she actually does sing.

From her toes to the top of her head: 2'5". From her toes to the top of her ears when standing upright: 3'8".

32 pounds

Flower Power Divider by micojards

✖ Singing
✖ Persuasion
✖ Coming up with puns and rhymes

✖ Exploring
✖ Songwriting
✖ Making flower crowns out of the flowers that grow on her fur


+ Creative
+ Charismatic
+ Compassionate
+ Intelligent
Cheri has the spirit of an artist. She loves to create, to think, to play. She makes friends easily by her affable aura and cheery demeanor. Cheri enjoys dreaming up projects, making things, and giving them away to friends, enemies, and strangers alike.

- Manipulative
- Insecure
- Cynical
- Pushover
Although amicable on the outside, she's actually quite the cynic. Too much thinking leads to negative thoughts. Her charisma leads to manipulation when she wants to get her way. Though oftentimes, to keep her friendly facade, she yields to the wishes of others. She often worries about whether she is liked or not.

✖ Arts and crafts
✖ Books
✖ Toys
✖ Tea

✖ Loneliness
✖ Loud noises
✖ Spiders
✖ Mornings

Flower Power Divider by micojards


Flower Power Divider by micojards

Skill sets
Attack: 2/5 
Defense: 2/5
Speed: 5/5 
Agility: 3/5 
Endurance: 1/5 

Sanity: 2/5 
Confidence: 1/5
Bravery: 1/5 
Intelligence: 4/5 
Charisma: 5/5

Cheri's witty and rather good at thinking up rhymes on her feet, so she uses her singing voice as her weapon. In her showtunes battle tactic, she uses her voice to manipulate people into thinking her way. In addition, she can sing lullabies that can soothe enemies (or troubled friends) to sleep. Prone to interruption by outside forces, her own stuttering, and the deaf and earless.

Flower Power Divider by micojards

Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best friend
Bullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Orange Lust
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Red Uncertainty | Dislike
Bullet; Black Despise

Bullet; Blue [ PLAYER | Sonata ]
What an intriguing creature. She's been nice enough so far. Perhaps I'll try to befriend her. There's something about her voice...

Flower Power Divider by micojards

RP Example
A My Candy Love roleplay (narrative).
Twiste held the delicate porcelain teacup in her hand, gently tracing the intricate designs on it as she listened to the conversation around her. It was smooth and slightly warm in her cold grasp. She was always fascinated by teacups but never quite so fond of tea. She didn’t take a sip.

“It’s such a shame you can’t sew, your designs deserve to be turned into real clothes.”

Twiste noticed a slight twitch at the corner of Alice’s lips and wondered what it was for. “Um, yes, it is rather tragic… I can never figure out how to create patterns. Sometimes I ask my aunt to help me with construction when she’s not too busy,” she responded between her thoughts.

She stole a glance in Lysander’s direction and caught him looking back. Quickly, she looked away, back to examining the teacup. It really was quite lovely. Too lovely. Just like him, Twiste mused, but she stopped herself. No, no, I mustn’t… not him… not my new and only friend’s crush… I really mustn’t. Twiste shook the thought from her mind and managed a meek smile for her new companions.

Flower Power Divider by micojards



Feel free to start up an rp with her any time. ;u;
I'm chill with comments or notes, script or narrative (though tbh I'm more likely to continue a script because I'm lazy and a terrible writer LOL.)
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